Our business is always growing, and as a result, this year we ran out of space and had to move to a much larger facility. We were dreading having a company move all of our important items both in our offices and in our warehouses, but we just could not move it all ourselves, it was just too much. After making a few phone calls to local moving companies, we decided to try Popeye's Moving Company.

The very next day we had a crew come out from Popeye's to see exactly what they would be dealing with while they were moving our company. We thought we were going to show them some things that we felt they might not know, so we had a special meeting on who would give them the tour and explain our needs to them. Our four employees that were tasked with the tour were blown away by the level of expertise and professionalism by the Popeye's employees. They brought out a video camera for our tour and documented everything they saw with video and clip boards, the tour we arranged for them, our shelves, how we stocked parts, how our offices were set up, pantry closets, kitchen drawers and closets and so on. We were simply amazed. We honestly could not believe the level of attention to detail they had.

We scheduled the move to begin Friday at 5:15p.m. after everyone finished work that Friday. We were hoping to have everything in the new building by Monday morning so we could help Popeye's finish getting everything in and remotely close to where it was supposed to go so we would be back to ful operations by the weeks end. We opened the front doors Monday morning and were shocked when we saw a large fruit basket with a sign that read "Thank you for joining our Family, Popeye's Moving Company." We were confused by this as we all came to work in blue jeans and sneakers ready to help them get everything finished so we could begin work at our new complex. As we walked around it became clear that somehow every single item was in the place we discussed and planed a few days earlier, unpacked, put away, put in place, stocked, hooked up, plugged in etc. There was not even a piece of wrapping paper around or a box. It was ALL done already. Even all of the restrooms had all of the paper products in place, soaps and even the air fresheners!

So, we decided to let everyone have half the day to learn their new surroundings and to check everything out in their departments and the departments that they deal with on a day to day basis. Then we ordered pizza for everyone and got our game plan together for the rest of the week for our production schedule and deliveries.

Thank you very much Popeye's Moving Company, you far exceeded our thoughts and vision of what we were getting when we hired you to help us move our company.

Mickael Simpkin

popeyes moving van
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